COFCO around the world: Growing the South Cone cooperation

Sitting on the right bank of the Parana River, Timbúes is one of Argentina’s most important agricultural export hubs, playing a key role in getting the region’s maize, soy, wheat, and other commodities to global markets.

Interview with Dmitriy Denisenko – Putting safety at the core of the business

Carrying responsibility for the environment, health and safety at more than 80 locations around the world, Dmitriy is convinced that “a business is only safe when safety is at its core.”

Interview with Paula Freire, Head of IT Applications – on women in trading and overcoming invisible obstacles

On International Women’s Day we speak with Paula Freire, COFCO International Global Head of Applications about the important role of female mentors, women in commodities trading, and what would happen if Einstein had been a woman

Guardians of Tomorrow: An early lesson in sustainable agriculture

Our "Guardians of Tomorrow" programme teaches children about the importance of keeping farming in balance with nature. So far, the initiative has reached more than 3000 pupils in over 40 schools across 38 municipalities in Brazil.

Brazilian sugar fields abuzz with successful bee protection

A healthy buzz from our sugarcane fields in Brazil. Cofco International’s Project Pollinate minimises the impact of sugarcane production on beekeepers, while providing them with technical support to enhance productivity and quality of their products.

Our commitment to protect and respect people and communities

The complex journey of an agricultural commodity passes through farmland, villages, ports and factories, sometimes in the world’s most remote corners. Inevitably this work impacts tens of thousands of people.

From young trainee to tech guru: Julián tells us how to make your career a professional dream

From young trainee to tech guru: Julián tells us how to make your career a professional dream

Paulo’s job - Bridging the worlds of big business and farming

Besides a vibrant business community, Brazil’s megacity of São Paulo offers a rich cultural scene and vibrant social life. At the end of each week, however, Paulo Bonissoni, COFCO International’s Origination Director in Brazil, looks forward to leaving the city of 20 million people and retreating to his family home in Curitiba on Parana State, southern Brazil.