COFCO International’s new $1.6 billion loan brings savings to fund further sustainability work

COFCO International has signed an agreement for a new $1.6 billion multi-tranche sustainability-linked loan with a lower interest rate, the margin savings from which will be used to fund its environmental and social assessment on soy supplying farms and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk management.

The importance of tracing the supply chain

Being able to fully trace the source and supply of key agricultural commodities is not a simple process but has become essential to ensure appropriate social and environmental safeguards.

Partnering to reduce the carbon footprint of coffee

COFCO International is collaborating with farmers in Brazil’s environmentally sensitive and highly productive Cerrado Mineiro region to measure and reduce carbon emissions from coffee production, as demand for coffee certified as carbon neutral grows.

Setting your trading strategy

You take an overview of the pieces. Consider who your opponent is. Plan a strategy and put it into motion. Commodities trading in the over-the-counter market is not a game, but for Guilherme De Castro Achcar, Trading Manager for COFCO International in Brazil, there are similarities in how to approach it. He likes to play games such as chess, where he plans the position he wants to be in and then the tactics to get there, and adapts as necessary according to whom he is playing against.

Trading with a knockout punch

Maria Fernanda Moreno Marcondes likes to get her day started with some kicking and punching – exercising through boxing and muay thai are an essential part of her motivation.

Focus on West Africa: Growing a business in a rapidly changing region

When Gregoire Lhermitte first started working in West Africa in 2000, he instantly felt it was going to be more than just a job. Today, over 20 years since he first set foot in the region, he thinks of it as his extended home.

The coffee collective

Coffee when you wake up in the morning. Coffee with your colleagues. Tasting of coffees. For Alexandre Chen, trading coffee is a natural extension of his personal interest and passion.

How a woman in rural Brazil opened the door to a career in agriculture

A woman in rural Brazil has become one of the first women to operate heavy agricultural machinery at one of COFCO International’s four sugar mills. Tatiane Gonçalves Machado, 28, who lives near COFCO International’s Sebastianópolis mill, works as a Special Machines Operator. She operates a 15-tonne tractor to help feed the boiler continuously with around 2,500 tonnes of bagasse (a by-product of sugar production) daily to produce electricity for the plant.