How our Sustainability Ambassadors are taking action for impact

As a global leader in the food and agriculture industry, COFCO International is committed to being a responsible and sustainable player with local impact. Its sustainability strategy will be central to help meet the growing demand for food. And employees will play a major part in making this happen. That’s why the company has created a network of 190 Sustainability Ambassadors to connect with local communities and take action to meet their needs. The ultimate goal is to involve all employees, starting from the Impact Season campaign in October.

COFCO graduate programme: Inspiring tomorrow’s talent

As COFCO International continues to grow, it is focused on attracting and developing the next generation of the brightest, most promising talents. That’s why COFCO International is now building on the success of its Commercial Graduate programme to invite the best candidates in the marketplace to apply for its 2022 intake.

COFCO around the world: South Africa’s deeply rooted business model is key to success

An innovative South African partnership model is changing the way farmers and COFCO International work together to grow, harvest and merchandize crops. In the latest edition of COFCO Around the World, find out how we are strengthening ties with South Africa while exploring connections across the sub-Saharan region.

COFCO around the world: Brazil - Cementing our position in the agricultural powerhouse

Santos is Latin America’s busiest export hub connecting over 600 ports in 125 countries and exporting all the region’s main commodities including coffee, corn, sugar, and soy. As the most important foreign trade route in Brazil, it is also the beating heart of COFCO International’s operations.

COFCO around the world: Ukraine - a solid partnership with potential to grow

Situated on the left bank of Ukraine’s Bugskiy Liman estuary where the Yuzhniy Bug and Inhul rivers join up before flowing into the Black Sea, Nikolaev Port never goes to sleep.

COFCO around the world: Growing the South Cone cooperation

Sitting on the right bank of the Parana River, Timbúes is one of Argentina’s most important agricultural export hubs, playing a key role in getting the region’s maize, soy, wheat, and other commodities to global markets.

Interview with Dmitriy Denisenko – Putting safety at the core of the business

Carrying responsibility for the environment, health and safety at more than 80 locations around the world, Dmitriy is convinced that “a business is only safe when safety is at its core.”

Satellite images play major role in building sustainable soy supply chain

To create a supply chain free from deforestation, information is key. And when it comes to soy, that means understanding what is happening on the ground, both the big picture and the small details at every step along the way.