Martin’s port city of Rosario: Trust, respect and football

Martin, COFCO's Origination Manager, explains how growing up in the port city of Rosario, the birthplace of Lionel Messi and Argentina's major agri export hub, shaped his business skills and passion for football.

COFCO International wins multiple awards for sector-leading sustainability-linked loan

COFCO International’s sustainability-linked loan has won the following awards in 2020: TXF Overall Commodity Finance Deal of the Year Award, The Asset Triple A Sustainable Capital Markets Regional Awards: Best Sustainability Loan, Environment Finance: Best Sustainability Loan, Asia Pacific Loan Market Association: Syndicated Green Sustainable Finance Deal of the Year, Global Trade Review: Best Deals Award

COVID-19: Brazilian truck drivers keep supply chain afloat

Trucking along the long roads from Brazil’s Mato Grosso to the country’s Atlantic ports, truck drivers have long been the unsung heroes that keep local and global supply chains afloat.

Argentina COVID-19 – At COFCO, people protection is key to a healthy supply chain

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly around the world, COFCO Argentina has raced to put the measures in place to protect its people and keep supply chains operational.

From Wuhan, jiāyóu! - finding hope, strength and connection in quarantine

Song Ziwei, a Treasury Assistant at COFCO International, tells us about living in quarantine throughout the lockdown in Wuhan, how staying connected to her colleagues kept her positive and why she thinks COVID-19 can be a source of unity if we continue to fight the pandemic together.

Carolina, COFCO’s commercial director for grains and oilseeds on being a manager, mother and a responsible citizen

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and a constant stream of digital innovation are transforming the commodities trade. But for Carolina Hernandez, COFCO’s commercial director for grains and oilseeds in Brazil, technology will only complement human relationships, not replace them.

Porto’s IT team – the making of the beating heart of the company

When it comes to technology and IT careers, young people are advised to be bold, hardworking, and to use all their creative juices in pursuit of new ideas and solutions. Of course, anyone wanting a ticket to an international career will have to move countries whenever and wherever the job requires.

Life in Porto: mixing beaches, wine and work

It’s 9.30 am in the Porto office of COFCO International. Like most finance experts working for international companies, João Cordeiro is busy connecting with teams of accountants, tax experts and managers around the world.