Porto’s IT team – the making of the beating heart of the company

When it comes to technology and IT careers, young people are advised to be bold, hardworking, and to use all their creative juices in pursuit of new ideas and solutions. Of course, anyone wanting a ticket to an international career will have to move countries whenever and wherever the job requires.

Life in Porto: mixing beaches, wine and work

It’s 9.30 am in the Porto office of COFCO International. Like most finance experts working for international companies, João Cordeiro is busy connecting with teams of accountants, tax experts and managers around the world.

Paraguay soy farmers welcome support for sustainable production

In Paraguay’s south-east Atlantic Forest region, smallholder farmers begin their working day well before dawn but don’t finish sometimes for 16 hours. Between feeding animals and cultivating their crops, there is little time for anything else.

Humans are complex, but key to zero accidents

When it comes to safety, technical problems are usually straightforward to repair. But fixing human behaviour is more complex, says Svetlana Kubarieva, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager at COFCO International’s crushing plant in south eastern Ukraine’s city of Mariupol.

In Brazil, COFCO’s sugar team lets nature do more work

In the rolling fields of Brazil’s São Paulo state, a silent revolution has begun. Developing new methods to boost productivity, COFCO’s sugar team is shifting away from agrochemicals to more biological solutions instead. Synthetic fertilizers are swapped for the organic residues from nearby sugar mills, while natural predators replace the pesticides.

“The Maritime Sector needs more women to thrive”

We interview COFCO International’s Aylin Coskun, one of Turkey’s first ever female captains

Supporting sustainable coffee in Colombia’s remote Tolima region

Life has never been easy on the steep, green Andean foothills of Colombia’s Tolima region, and not just because the air is thinner

Johnny Chi: 5 keys for sustainable growth

Chairman Johnny Chi gives his five keys for sustainable growth in this article published by the World Economic Forum.