Day 1 of COFCO International

Today, April 24th 2017, our CEO Johnny Chi will launch COFCO International, a result of Nidera and COFCO Agri joining forces.

Johnny Chi:“Today, we embark on a journey to build on the past and embrace the future, to establish a brand new company based on solid foundation of COFCO Agri and Nidera, maximizing its strengths. We are fully committed to this new company”.

Meeting Tomorrow’s Demand

At COFCO International it’s all about ‘Meeting Tomorrow’s Demand’. We believe that agricultural products, which we need to support our daily life, should be available for every person on this planet, now and in the future.

We are a global agri-business with a six-continent supply chain. We can rely on the strong history of Nidera and COFCO Agri. With a long-standing market presence, we have a deep understanding of the world’s largest agricultural importing markets, including China. We aim to create a vertically-integrated global agricultural supply chain, supported by COFCO's unique position in China, strengthen worldwide origination, logistics and trading capabilities, and grow our business globally.