Who we are

Corporate governance

COFCO International is committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance and we see this as critical to our long-term success.

With sustainability a core value for COFCO International, our robust corporate governance keeps our operations and products safe, and helps us balance our business performance and growth.

Robust governance drives our sustainability performance and helps keep our operations and products and safe.

Our Board of Directors is chaired by a COFCO Corporation director and is comprised of 12 directors - six from COFCO Corporation, four members from our other major shareholders (China Investment Corporation, the International Finance Corporation, Temasek and Hopu), and two independent non-executive directors.

The Board is responsible for the leadership of COFCO International, while overseeing the group’s business, strategic decisions and performance.

It achieves this through several dedicated committees dealing with critical aspects of running the company, such as risk, investment & finance and audit.

One of our shareholders, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), is a member of the World Bank Group which helps us to align our sustainability strategy and practices to IFC Performance Standards.

Our Code of Conduct ensures we conduct our business with integrity, while upholding the company’s legal and quality standards.

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