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Sustainability Reporting

We publish annual sustainability reports outlining progress made towards our mission to meet rising demand for food in a sustainable way.

2023 Sustainability Report

In a rapidly changing world, COFCO International is building momentum on its sustainability commitments, as climate, biodiversity and resource scarcity challenges combine to create unprecedented supply challenges for food and agricultural production.

2022 Sustainability Report

In the past year, the importance of protecting the climate and conserving biodiversity has been at the forefront of the global sustainability agenda, with two major UN conferences setting the tone for business and government action on deforestation and emission reduction.

2021 Sustainability Report

Our business took action 2021 to advance our sustainability journey and expand the scope of our ambitions, while keeping our people safe, promoting supply chain continuity and helping to achieve global food security. Importantly, we collaborated with multiple partners to raise standards, protect the climate and preserve biodiversity, as we strive to transform the global food system and ensure the ongoing success of our business.

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2020 Sustainability Report

In this new reality, the need to transform our global food system remains more important than ever. As we intensify agricultural production to feed the growing population, we must also protect the climate, promote biodiversity and safeguard natural resources.

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2019 Sustainability Report

As a global agri-business, our future success depends on our ability to help transform the food system, conserve biodiversity, build resilience and create value across the supply chain.

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2018 Sustainability Report

As a rapidly-growing international agri-business, meeting rising demand for food in a sustainable way is key to our purpose.

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2017 Sustainability Report

Meeting tomorrow’s demand - how we are building a world-class global agri-business committed to providing the food the world needs in a responsible way.

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Soft Commodities Forum reporting

COFCO International is a member of the Soft Commodities Forum (SCF), a global platform for leading soft commodity companies convened by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, for the purpose of advancing collective action around common sustainability challenges.

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Our policies

COFCO International's formalised policies are an integral part of our company-wide sustainability approach.

Our partnerships and memberships

Collaboration is key to better understand and sensitively address the diverse and complex sustainability challenges we face as a company and as an industry.

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