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Upholding standards

Our values steer the direction of our company based on transparent governance and effective risk management, contributing to the long-term confidence of our stakeholders.

Good governance and compliance

Our business is rooted in a robust corporate governance structure, allowing our business to balance commercial objectives with legal, environmental and social responsibilities.

Our Code of Conduct sets out standards which all our employees, contractors and business partners are expected to uphold and practice daily. It reflects our corporate values of integrity, inclusiveness, innovation and sustainability.

These mechanisms, combined with a robust risk management framework, also help us systemically mitigate fraud, bribery and corruption risks. The message we share with both internal and external stakeholders on this is unequivocal: zero tolerance.  

Our culture encourages openness and the courage to speak out. Should anyone within or outside of COFCO International have concerns on misconduct or in compliances with our corporate policies, they can voice these anonymously via a third-party Integrity Hotline.


Product quality and safety

Our customers and distributors expect goods to be consistently safe and high in quality. First and foremost, our Food and Feed Safety Policy ensures we comply with all applicable laws and regulations on food and feed safety. We set clear procedures to systematically identify and manage food safety hazards. We also carefully monitor and control product quality during storage, handling, processing and transportation. Where possible, we use certification to reassure high standards of performance.

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Taking care of our people

We want our employees to grow with us. This means standing up for their rights and equal opportunities, while also ensuring safe and healthy workplaces.

Managing our environmental impact

We strive to reduce our environmental impact as we work towards meeting the food demand of a rapidly growing global population.

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