Taking care of our people

By offering our employees opportunities to develop their potential and providing them a healthy and safe working environment, we attract talent, create a committed workforce, and boost our company’s productivity.

Our ambitions to grow and invest in origination countries make attracting the right talent and retaining employees a top priority.   

Our international reach and the diversity of our product lines mean that our people are drawn from a great range of ethnicities, religions, ages and cultures. Our Human and Labour Rights Policy spells out our respect for internationally-recognised human rights and our commitment to treat our employees fairly and respectfully.

In common with many organisations, to ensure a culture of respect, open dialogue and to empower employees, we provide our people with a mechanism to report concerns confidentially, anonymously and without fear of reprisal.

Health and Safety

All our people should work in a healthy and safe environment. Under the guidance of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy, we promote a culture of safety-awareness, via safety principles and careful risk management. Our health and safety management systems are in accordance with internationally recognised standards, such as OHSAS 18001, the IFC Performance Standards and the World Bank Group EHS Guidelines.

All our people and contractors receive systematic occupational health and safety training. It covers the use of protective equipment, emergency response protocol and the use of technical equipment. A series of standardised indicators helps us to monitor safety performance at each site, with objectives established to ensure continuous improvement.