Taking care of our people

We seek to enable our people to be the driving force behind our business by respecting internationally recognized human rights, providing a safe and healthy work environment, attracting the right people for the right jobs and offering employees opportunities to maximize their potential.

With an international footprint and diverse business lines, our workforce is very diverse with regards to race, religion, gender, age, ethnic origin and culture. Our Human Rights and Labour Policy  spells out our respect for internationally recognized human rights and our commitment to treat our employees fairly and respectfully. In fact, to ensure a culture of respect, open dialogue and empower employees, we provide them with a mechanism to report their concerns confidentially, anonymously and without fear of reprisal. 

At COFCO International, one of our top priorities is ensuring our employees are able to work in a healthy and safe environment. Under the guidance of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy , we promote a culture of safety-awareness, through the application of safety principles and the management of risks in the workplace. Our health and safety management systems are in accordance with internationally recognized standards, such as OHSAS 18001. Systematic occupational health and safety training is provided to all employees and contractors in our operations, including the use of protective equipment, emergency response protocol and the use of technical equipment, amongst others. A series of standardized indicators help us to closely track the safety performance at each site, with objectives established to ensure continuous improvement.