2020 Sustainability Report

In this new reality, the need to transform our global food system remains more important than ever. As we intensify agricultural production to feed the growing population, we must also protect the climate, promote biodiversity and safeguard natural resources.

Cultivating a Better Future

David Dong, CEO of COFCO International
David Dong, CEO of COFCO International

This, our latest annual sustainability report, covers our performance against the five strategic priorities of our sustainability strategy, Meeting Tomorrows’ Demand, and the collective effort made by our employees and partners towards cultivating a better future.

“Our business took decisive action in 2020 to keep our people safe and our supply chains moving, helping to promote global food security amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Importantly, we also maintained a strong focus on advancing our sustainability journey and strengthening the food system, as we strive to ensure the ongoing success of our business."

In 2020, we continued to act on the supply chain traceability, environmental, health and safety and resource efficiency and community priorities that matter most to our business and stakeholders.

We will retain a bold and ambitious outlook in the face of the work still required to fulfil our mission to feed the world responsibly.

David Dong, CEO of COFCO International

2020 Full Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report (7.98Mb PDF)

2020 Sustainability Report Summaries

2020 Sustainability Report Summary - English (12.29Mb PDF)

2020 Sustainability Report Summary - Spanish (12.32Mb PDF)

2020 Sustainability Report Summary - Portuguese (12.30Mb PDF)

2020 Sustainability Report GRI Index

2020 Sustainability Report GRI Index (0.39Mb XLSX)

2020 Environmental Data Verification Statement

2020 Environmental Data Verification Statement (0.17Mb PDF)

2020 Sustainability Highlights in Numbers

CBios issued by our 5 industrial facilities under RenovaBio programme
of total coffee sales volume certified or verified as sustainable
face masks and food packs provided to truck drivers in Brazil
Up to 700
disinfected trucks per day at each plant in Argentina
reduction in carbon intensity of our operations through increased use of renewable energy
of our global energy needs were met by renewable energy
beneficiaries reached through our community support actions
locations covered by our global network of Sustainability Ambassadors who are engaged in creating positive change locally
days average closure rate for cases reported via our Integrity Hotline
food and feed safety incidents resulting in fines, penalties, or warnings