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What we do

We provide the food the world needs in a responsible way. COFCO International is focused on being the leader in the global grains, oilseeds and sugar supply chains.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, we are ambitious, with the right structures and culture to meet the world’s increasing and changing needs.

Our global portfolio includes assets across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We trade with over 50 nations, while providing farmers unique direct access to the growing Chinese market.

Supply chain

COFCO International supplies agriculture products around the world through our globally integrated supply chain, originating from surplus producing regions to supply regions with high demand.

  • 1/ Sourcing and production

    We source grains, oilseeds, cotton and coffee from major producing countries and produce sugarcane for our sugar mills in Brazil

  • 2/ Storage and handling

    We collect, store and handle our products efficiently

  • 3/ Processing

    Once sourced and produced, we process and refine our products

  • 4/ Trading and Merchandising

    We connect supply and demand through our various trading platforms

  • 5/ Transportation and Distribution

    We supply our products to customers through efficient transportation and distribution networks

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How we work

We combine world-class assets, strong supply chain capabilities and deep knowledge of global markets to meet growing worldwide demand.

Board & Leadership

Our Executive Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and led by our Chief Executive Officer.

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