Our policies

Sustainability policies

These formalised policies are an integral part of our company-wide sustainability approach.

Stakeholder Engagement Policy (0.13Mb PDF)

Responsible Land Acquisition and Leasing Policy (0.14Mb PDF)

Human Rights and Labour Policy  (0.15Mb PDF)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy  (0.37Mb PDF)

Environmental Policy  (0.19Mb PDF)

Supplier Code of Conduct (0.24Mb PDF)

Sustainable Soy Sourcing Policy (0.23Mb PDF)

Food and Feed Safety Policy (0.28Mb PDF)

Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing Policy (0.24Mb PDF)

Our Code of Conduct

We believe that the essentials to daily life, agricultural products, should be available to everyone on this planet. We reflect this responsibility in the way we go about our business, by ensuring that we conduct our business with integrity and with respect for our stakeholders. We have formalised this in our Code of Conduct. The principles of this code apply to everyone at COFCO International, because each one of our people is an ambassador for our company.

Code of Conduct (0.11Mb PDF)

Our policies are also available in the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. Should you be interested in receiving any of these translations, please contact us. Our policies may be updated from time to time. To reduce the potential for conflicting interpretations due to posting our policies in multiple languages, it is company policy that the English language statement is the controlling version.