Who we are

Our strategy

We have ambitious growth plans, leveraging China’s demand to become a world-class global agri-business.

Increasing our origination capabilities and our market share in high-growth destination markets are key to our vision for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

We have a clearly defined strategy to realise this, based on four key objectives:

  1. Prioritising our investment in geographies and markets where we see significant opportunity for sustainable growth for our core products: grains, oilseeds and sugar.
  2. Increasing the volume of commodities we source directly from farmers, while making our logistics and supply chain as efficient and productive as possible.
  3. Optimising our data management, resources and assets to create and apply different profit models aiming to maximise revenues in our markets.
  4. Promoting teamwork and close collaboration to deliver maximum value from both product and regional capabilities.

We are well-placed to deliver our objectives by leveraging our:

  • Strong position as a partner of choice, offering unique direct access to China.
  • World-class assets for grains, oilseeds and sugar in key markets.
  • Solid balance sheet, which supports our growth ambitions.
  • Strong values of partnership and sustainability, which will endure for generations to come.