Health and Safety

Creating a working environment where safe practices are the norm relies on both robust management systems and context-appropriate awareness campaigns.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is supported by a management system developed in line with OHSAS 18001, IFC Performance Standards and the World Bank Group EHS Guidelines. It is consistently implemented across our global operations.

All our employees and contractors receive systematic occupational health and safety training. A set of standardized indicators helps us to measure and monitor performance at each site, with concrete targets established to ensure continuous improvement. It is equally important to nurture a safety-aware culture where each individual takes personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and others. Various health and safety campaigns and initiatives are organized on global and local levels to ensure continuous awareness raising and engagement.

Case studies

Eyes on Risk

We have rolled out a global safety awareness programme - ‘Eyes on Risk’. It encourages every employee and onsite contractor to proactively spot and report work hazards and unsafe practices in the workplace. An mobile app was piloted to facilitate the reporting of such hazards. Its innovative employee engagement methods have greatly boosted safety awareness and helped strengthen the sense of personal responsibility to ensure a safer workplace.

Sharing best practices, Ukraine

In Ukraine, we have piloted a safety cross-audit programme. EHS teams of all Ukraine operations come together for joint quarterly safety assessments on all facilities in the country, to create a common performance benchmark and jointly identify improvement opportunities. It has proven a very effective way to strenghten internal collaboration and consistent implementation of corporate management system.

Looking out for driver and farmer wellbeing, Brazil

We run the "Health Blitz" campaign for truck drivers and soy farmers supplying our grain silos in Brazil. Health services are provided such as free blood pressure and glucose tests. In addition, drivers and farmers receive educational materials on personal protective equipment, speed awareness and healthcare for long-distance drivers. In 2018, over 850 participants benefited from this programme.