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How we work

We combine world-class assets, strong supply chain capabilities and deep knowledge of global markets to meet growing worldwide demand.

At COFCO International, we understand the challenges and opportunities posed by growing populations. Predictable and steadily increasing food consumption in China and Asia is a key foundation of our success. Today we are growing quickly and operating more efficiently than ever.

Our business model is robust, our trading network is strong, and we have access to the world’s most important agricultural production regions including South America, North America, the Black Sea region and Australia. We also own well-managed logistics assets in major global exporting and trading centres, and inland logistics nodes from Santos in Brazil, Rosario in Argentina and Saint Louis in the United States to Constanta in Romania and Kembla in Australia.

nations we trade with
2.3m tonnes
of inland storage

Plans for growth

Securing long term sustainable supply of grains, oilseeds and sugar is core to our strategy. We have a strong base of world class assets in high growth origination regions, with 65% of our global grains and oilseeds assets in the world’s largest exporting region, South America.

We are generating long-term, profitable growth by expanding our origination footprint in South America, North America and the Black Sea. At the same time, we are making our supply chain more efficient by farming, processing, shipping, trading, and distributing commodities in smarter, more sustainable ways. 

We work with Growmark, the second largest farmers’ cooperative in the USA. Our partnership gives us direct access to North American grain. In turn, the US farmers who make up the Growmark cooperative gain access to our global markets. Our access to China gives farmers unprecedented distribution and marketing capabilities in one of the world’s highest growth markets.

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Growing partnerships

We are committed to working closely with the farming community, supplying finance and expertise to create long-lasting relationships for mutual benefit.

Establishing long-term relationships with farmers will enable us to buy more commodities directly from farmers, and help us to grow in a sustainable way. We are building a future on values of partnership and sustainability so that over the long term we play an integral part in the world’s food supply.

We are investing to develop our presence in key origination regions such as South and North America and the Black Sea region, where China’s Belt & Road initiative will dramatically improve connections to the Chinese market.

By supporting farmers everywhere with knowledge, networks and services, we will build long-term relationships to benefit all parties involved.

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Board & Leadership

Our Executive Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and led by our Chief Executive Officer.

Corporate governance

COFCO International is committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance and we see this as critical to our long-term success.

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