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We are one of the leading global coffee merchants, providing a full range of coffee types and grades from around the world.

We manage every stage, from sourcing, warehousing and quality control, to shipment, storage, processing, financing and marketing.

We source coffee beans from a variety of major local producers, exporters and dealers from different countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

Typically, we purchase green coffee beans during the harvest season and ship the coffee directly to our customers, many of which are multinational roasters in Europe, the US and Asia.

Rapid growth

Shortly after establishing our Robusta coffee business in Vietnam in 2002, we began trading Arabica coffee from the US.

Our sourcing operations are now in Indonesia, Brazil, India and Colombia, providing direct access to most of the world’s coffee production.

Well established in Brazil

Our coffee processing and storage facility in Alfenas, Brazil, is in the most important coffee growing region in the world, with connections to major transportation links and commercial opportunities. The facility is fully-automated for sorting and blending beans.

Around the world

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Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, our cotton operations are at the forefront of the worldwide trade in cotton.


Our worldwide maritime logistics and large modern fleet help to ensure safe and timely delivery of our physical trade.

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