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Our sugar mills in Brazil produce sugar and ethanol products that are used in local and international markets.

This is made possible by our fully-integrated logistics pipeline and transhipment terminal in Votuporanga, Brazil, which receives raw sugar from nearby plants and mills. These products are stored in our facility before being transported to our own terminal – Terminal 12A – in Santos, or other third-party port terminals.

COFCO International is now one of the largest sugar and ethanol producers in Brazil.

Worldwide network of trading desks

We source and supply bulk raw sugar and white sugar (crystal and refined) from our desks in the United States, Brazil, Geneva, Dubai, New Delhi, Bangkok, Shanghai and Singapore.

Our global team of traders and our research and operations teams cover the most important origins and destinations. 

In 2017, we moved a record 4.5Mmt of white and raw sugar, being well placed in the top 5 sugar trading companies in terms of volume.

Our strong origination volumes in Brazil take advantage of logistical tie-ups with local providers and synergies with COFCO International's own sugar mills, consistently marketing over 90% of their raw sugar production.

The sugar marketing team has strong relationships linking our origination to main destination markets and refineries in MENA and Asia. Our in house research team guides strategic decisions for our desks and offers market risk insights for our customers.

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