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Our vision and culture

Our vision is simple, yet ambitious – to become a world-class agri-business, and be recognised for our leadership position.

COFCO International’s culture encompasses everything about the way we do business – our interactions with each other, with our shareholders, farmers, customers, communities and countries in which we operate.

It’s at the heart of how we build and deliver our strategy.

Our values guide the way we behave and steward the direction of COFCO International.

  • Integrity

    We need to be open, honest and act with integrity at all times. We also need to hold ourselves and each other to account if this value isn’t demonstrated.

  • Inclusiveness

    Embracing difference and diversity is vital to our culture. We don’t just celebrate difference, we recognise the value it adds to business.

  • Innovation

    We strive to create new opportunities, exchange knowledge and information, and work entrepreneurially to enhance our performance through innovation.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is a core value for COFCO International, and our robust corporate governance keeps our people and products safe, and helps us to balance our shareholders’ needs

Our Sunshine Culture

To achieve our ambition on becoming the world leader in agriculture supply, we will harness the power of our people by embedding a culture of positivity - our Sunshine Culture.

More about our Sunshine Culture

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Our story

We are building COFCO International to be a leading global agri-business.

What we do

We provide the food the world needs in a responsible way. COFCO International is focused on being the leader in the global grains, oilseeds and sugar supply chains.

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