Building strong communities

We partner closely with communities in which we work and live to make a positive impact - growing together, side by side.

The success of our operations depends on the strength of communities that surround us. Education, land rights, wellbeing and depopulation of communities are all issues that directly affect our business. To this end, we support sustainable livelihoods and community programmes wherever we are.

Sustainable livelihoods

Land rights underpin community livelihoods. Our Responsible Land Acquisition and Leasing Policy outlines our commitment to respect legal and customary land rights of local communities and Indigenous Peoples. It also forms the basis of our support to secure and equitable rights to land and natural resources.

Case studies

Empower Quilombolas peoples, Brazil

In southern Brazil, we are supporting smallholder peanut farmers in the Quilombolas community. In partnership with 15 local cooperatives and organisations, we provide technical assistance farmers to improve their yields through sustainable cultivation methods.

Rebuild livelihood after conflict, Colombia

In the mountains of Tolima, west-central Colombia, coffee is an important means of rebuilding livelihoods after years of conflict. We are working with coffee growers in this region to build drying silos, improve quality standards and apply sustainable farming practices.

Investing in our communities

Our Community Investment Policy outlines three focus areas for our community programmes:

1 Education and capacity building

Access to education for children and young people; human capital and skills development

2 Community wellbeing

Wellbeing and life quality of communities, especially those at economic or social disadvantage

3 Environmental stewardship

Awareness and capacity in environmental stewardship and nature conservation

Case studies

Brazil's Guardians of Tomorrow

Our Guardians of Tomorrow programme in Brazil continues to inspire school children, their teachers and their communities to see the exciting possibilities in sustainable agriculture.

Using fun, interactive methods such as cartoons, comics and tree planting, our volunteers are helping schools convey sustainable agriculture messages to 9-11-year-olds. So far this programme has reached more than 40 schools across 38 municipalities.

Second Chance, Romania

Working with Save the Children Romania, we're helping keep vulnerable youngsters in school. The Second Chance programme offers expert counselling, after-school support, nutritional and medical support for children at risk of dropping out of school and their families. So far, we have seen positive outcomes in terms of exam results and attendance continuity into the new school year.

Supporting future musical talent, Ukraine

We sponsor the award-winning Youth Folk Orchestra of Nikolaev, Ukraine. The orchestra offers children from underprivileged families opportunities to learn to play musical instruments and access professional musical education.