2018 Sustainability Report

As a rapidly-growing international agri-business, meeting rising demand for food in a sustainable way is key to our purpose.

Progress in partnership

In this second report, we are happy to report steady progress against our own priorities and to share our collaborative efforts to address systemic challenges.

In 2018, we worked side-by-side with governments, civil society organisations and industry peers, together forging a path towards more resilient and sustainable food systems.

We may be in the early stages of our sustainability journey but there is great potential and opportunity for rapid progress when working as a team – with one another and with trusted partners.

Looking ahead, we will maintain our focus on executing  a business strategy with sustainability at its heart.

Johnny Chi, Chairman of COFCO International

David Dong, CEO of COFCO International

2018 Full Sustainability Report

2018 Full Sustainability Report 2018 Full Sustainability Report(17.95Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Report Summaries

2018 Sustainability Report Summary – English(7.33Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Report Summary - Chinese(8.12Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Report Summary - Spanish(7.30Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Report Summary - Portuguese(7.37Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Report GRI Index

2018 Sustainability Report GRI Index(0.03Mb XLSX)

2018 Environmental Data Verification Statement

2018 Verification Statement(0.18Mb PDF)

2018 Sustainability Highlights in Numbers

hours of EHS training to employees and contractors
coffee growers in our sustainable production programmes
beekeepers in Brazil supported by our Pollinate Project
million hectares of soy farms geo-mapped for environmental and social risk screening
of global energy consumption from renewable sources
homes equivalent powered by our bioenergy surpluses
people benefitted from our community programmes
fatalities among employees and contractors