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Grains & oilseeds

We have global capabilities to meet global demand, with 60% of our grains and oilseeds assets based in South America – the world’s largest exporting region.

COFCO International focuses its strategy for these products on four origination areas – US, Brazil, Argentina and the Black Sea – and three key supply regions – China and South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

We source oilseeds and grains directly from farmers in South America, leveraging our long-term relationships and vast warehouses in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

We have barge-loading facilities in Paraguay and exporting facilities at major ports in Rosario in Argentina and Santos in Brazil.

Our partnership with one of the largest farmer’s cooperative in North America, Growmark, provides access to large volumes of domestic grains. 

As well as exporting grains and oilseeds, we merchandise, transport and store agricultural commodities.

In the Black Sea region, we source, store, process and export wheat, corn, barley and oilseeds from Ukraine and Russia. Our main European distribution operations are in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Our Middle Eastern warehousing and distribution operations are in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to our crushing plant in Standerton, we also operate a 30,000-hectare contract farming operation in South Africa, working side-by-side with farmers to provide soybeans to a local processing facility, and corn to domestic customers.

In Australia, COFCO International sources, stores and exports wheat, barley and oilseeds.

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