Grains & oilseeds

COFCO International runs a global Grains & Oilseeds trading business with operations in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Black Sea region, Asia and Australia. Using its origination and strategic logistics network, the Grains & Oilseeds Division is a leader in pipeline management for its worldwide customer base. It also has oilseed crushing, refining and biodiesel operations in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine and India. In Australia, Cofco originates, stores and exports wheat, barley and oilseeds and is in the process of building its first export elevator at Port Kembla, New South Wales.

In the Middle East, silos include warehousing and distribution of grains and foodstuffs in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Dubai, and Egypt.

COFCO International's main European distribution operations are located in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. COFCO International originates, stores and exports wheat, corn, barley and oilseeds in Ukraine and Russia, and operates elevators in Kazakhstan.

Our United States facilities engage in exporting U.S. grains and oilseeds, as well as the merchandising, transport and storage of agricultural commodities.

In South America, COFCO International operates warehouses and elevators across Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, sourcing oilseeds and grains directly from the source, with two export elevators in Argentina, and barge loading facilities in Paraguay and Brazil.

COFCO International also provides input to farmers and runs a 30,000 hectares contract farming operation in South Africa providing soybeans to a local processing facility and corn to domestic feed customers.