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Data Privacy Center

Mission Statement

At COFCO International, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data by adhering and complying with global data privacy standards. We build trust with our stakeholders through responsible data handling and implement effective data governance frameworks to ensure data security, mitigate risks, and prevent breaches. We strive to foster a culture of privacy by promoting awareness of data protection principles. Our goal is to establish safe and ethical data-driven practices that prioritize full transparency and uphold the rights of individuals to privacy.

Please select the section below that is relevant to you for further details on how COFCO International collects personal information about you, including for which purposes it may be collected. These documents may be supplemented by local and/or additional notices. If you have questions about our privacy practices, please contact us at [email protected].

Global Data Privacy Policy

This policy outlines our approach to global data privacy standards, including data collection, usage, and protection measures.

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Global Candidate Privacy Policy 

This notice details how we collect and process personal information of candidates applying for positions at COFCO International, ensuring transparency in our recruitment processes.

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Integrity Hotline Privacy Policy

This policy describes the procedures and protections related to reporting and handling of integrity-related concerns through our hotline.

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