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COFCO graduate programme: Inspiring tomorrow’s talent

As COFCO International continues to grow, it is focused on attracting and developing the next generation of the brightest, most promising talents. That’s why COFCO International is now building on the success of its Commercial Graduate programme to invite the best candidates in the marketplace to apply for its 2022 intake.

As a global agribusiness, COFCO International offers its graduates the opportunity to learn about its international business model from the inside out, be part of a community and develop a global mindset. The company looks for humble yet ambitious people with an aptitude for commerce, who can think creatively, be ready to learn, collaborate and build effective working relationships. They must have a passion for the industry, live the company values and want to make a positive impact.

From left to right: Vanessa de Gouvea Heringer, Trader Assistant in Brazil, Giordano Gelain Conte, Trade Assistant, Grains & Oilseeds in Brazil, and Camila Rosenthall Pereira Lima, Commercial Analyst in Brazil

“Agriculture is such an important Industry in the countries where we source and process our products,” says Marcus Seelbach, COFCO International’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “By attracting talented individuals to help achieve our business goals, we’re also establishing COFCO International as an employer of choice and giving back to the community.”

Nurturing the best graduates

In return, COFCO International offers unrivalled opportunities to gain first-hand experience through in-depth virtual training, access to senior leaders and dedicated coaching from technical experts.

Emanuel Gomez, Commercial Assistant in Argentina

“Having one of the best traders in Ukraine as my assigned technical coach, was one of the greatest experiences of my life - he taught me everything that I know – from solving problems decisively to communicating with people effectively to get results,” says Maksym Dibrova, who now works as a Junior Trader at COFCO International’s Kyiv office.

Maksym Dibrova, Junior Trader at COFCO International’s Kyiv office

Learning first hand

Prior to the pandemic, COFCO International’s first intake of eight graduates – drawn from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Ukraine – had the opportunity to spend time at the company’s sites and facilities, learning first-hand. Graduates can gain experience across the value chain during their rotations by taking part in activities from sourcing to research, logistics, sustainability and assisting the commercial desk within COFCO International’s grains and oilseeds division.

Siyasanga Nqeketo, Junior Trade Accountant and Nic Labuschagne, Junior Trader, South Africa

“Experiencing and interacting with our products is integral to building a complete understanding of the commodities we’re trading,” says Marcelo Martins, Managing Director Grains and Oilseeds and EMEA, APAC regions. “Our graduates are given the opportunity to engage with business activities at all stages of the supply chain, which they find very rewarding and of great way to build a reliable network of experts to support their learning journey.”

“It was an amazing experience,” says Vanessa de Gouvea Heringer, Trader Assistant in Brazil. “It provided me with the chance to both understand all aspects of the product area, meet people and visit farms, plus learn about every stage of the value chain. This included checking the health of the crops and making commercial decisions. I even got to evaluate the quality of the beans.”

Vanessa de Gouvea Heringer, Trader Assistant in Brazil

Putting learning into action

The programme gives the graduates an opportunity to share their combined experiences and learn by taking part in an exciting, collaborative six-month project to identify solutions to a real business need.

“It was a great experience - we led every aspect of the project, spoke to people across the company, and received feedback from senior employees, which further inspired us to achieve the best results,” says Giordano Gelain Conte, now Trader Asssitant, Grains & Oilseeds in Brazil.

Giordano Gelain Conte, Trader Assistant, Grains & Oilseeds in Brazil

So how do COFCO International graduates see the future?

“As a person who’s constantly seeking new challenges, COFCO International gives me the context and the opportunities to keep on learning,” says Matias Ferreccio, now Soybean Meal Trader in Argentina.

“It’s been the best start I could get for my career,” concludes Giordano Gelain Conte. “It’s given me all the tools to start building a solid path in the trading business.”

Matias Ferreccio, Soybean Meal Trader in Argentina

Apply now!

The commercial graduate programme is now open for applications for its 2022 intake. This includes positions in Argentina, Brazil, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine and the United States. Visit the our careers section for more information and to apply.

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