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COFCO International to supply deforestation-free soybeans from Brazil to Sheng Mu in China

COFCO International and COFCO Group's China Sheng Mu Organic Dairy Co., Ltd., the largest organic dairy company in China, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to supply deforestation and conversion-free soybeans from Brazil to China.

The MOU is for an initial 12,000 tonnes of soybeans per year with both parties agreeing to gradually increase the volume. The delivery will be in line with the COFCO International Responsible Agriculture Standard, Module 1, with the cutoff date for deforestation being 31 December 2020.

A third-party verification will be undertaken by COFCO International for purpose of the supply.

This announcement follows the MOU for 50,000 tonnes signed by COFCO International and Mengniu Group in November 2023 which was the first soybean order in China with a clear “deforestation- and conversion-free (DCF)” clause. It was executed as part of the pilot action of the Green Value Chain Taskforce initiated by the Tropical Forest Alliance of the World Economic Forum.

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