COFCO International ’s Sugar Division is one of the leading merchants in the key producing and consuming countries. The division’s pipeline strategy from sourcing (fobbing) to end user and distribution services, utilizes COFCO International’s access to best-in-class freight services while managing the risks involved throughout the pipeline.

With the acquisition of its first sugar mill in Brazil in 2007, the completion of a green field project in 2011, and the acquisition of two additional mills in 2011, we are one of the largest sugar and ethanol producing groups in Brazil.

All our units produce sugar, ethanol and co-generate energy from biomass. Our mills produce a full spectrum of domestically and internationally marketed sugar and ethanol products. In addition, the Group owns a fully integrated logistics pipeline consisting of a transshipment terminal in the City of Votuporanga, Brazil. The terminal receives bulk sugar from our plants and nearby mills, which is stored in our storage facility before being transported to our own terminal (Terminal 12A) in Santos and other third party port bulk terminals.

Through our desks in Stamford, Connecticut USA, São Paulo, Brazil, Geneva, Switzerland, Dubai, Delhi, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Shanghai, China, and Singapore we procure and supply a range of raw sugar in bulk as well as white sugar, crystal and refined.